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There is currently a beautiful exhibit at the Oakland Airport by artists working at Creativity Explored and Creative Growth. It will be there until the 24th of January.  Pieces are located in several locations – the one I walk past is on the way to Gate 26 – if you have a chance, don’t miss it.   The Creativity Explored website is


man in brown





Spring in San Francisco

cherry blossoms



…to post a painting of mine with one by Degas.

But, I love the quote below (thank you to Catherine Kehoe who posted it on her website),

and then I thought I would show you one of the things I am currently working on,

and then I remembered that I took a photo of the beautiful Degas painting that is hanging at the Getty,

and wanted to share that too.

longer than the chair - workinprogress

“Painting, is it meant to be seen?  One works for two or three living friends, and for others one hasn’t met or who have died.”   – Edgar Degas


The Milliners, Edgar Degas




It may be the shape alone that I love.

And that the shape and the size combine so perfectly to sit in one’s curved palm.

Maybe too, it is the design: a perfect vessel for valuable cargo.

It could be its modesty.  And its calmness and patience.

But really it is just the beauty of it and its inverted halo.


it’s a new year

We are happy to be celebrating its arrival!

happy new year

And we are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.


with charcoal

with charcoal


first of all, I just like this word:


I like the way it feels in my mouth.

And I like that it means both the action of murmuring, and, a flock of starlings.

I suppose this video is old-news by now, but I have just now seen it, and I would like to share it with you, in case you have not yet:



red threadI caught a little bit of ‘Fresh Air’ on the way to work today.  Terry Gross was talking with Marie Howe.

I hated to get out of the car and miss a moment of her reading her poems.

In my office, I drop my things and go immediately to the computer to look her up.  I find this excerpt so beautiful, I want to share it with you (posted on the NPR site):

Excerpt: ‘The Kingdom Of Ordinary Time’

After the Movie

My friend Michael and I are walking home arguing about the movie.
He says that he believes a person can love someone
and still be able to murder that person.

I say, No, that’s not love. That’s attachment.
Michael says, No, that’s love. You can love someone, then come to a day

when you’re forced to think “it’s him or me”
think “me” and kill him.

I say, Then it’s not love anymore.
Michael says, It was love up to then though.

I say, Maybe we mean different things by the same word.
Michael says, Humans are complicated: love can exist even in the
murderous heart.

I say that what he might mean by love is desire.
Love is not a feeling, I say. And Michael says, Then what is it?

We’re walking along West 16th Street — a clear unclouded night — and I hear my voice
repeating what I used to say to my husband: Love is action, I used to say
to him.

Simone Weil says that when you really love you are able to look at
someone you want to eat and not eat them.

Janis Joplin says, take another little piece of my heart now baby.

Meister Eckhart says that as long as we love images we are doomed to
live in purgatory.

Michael and I stand on the corner of 6th Avenue saying goodnight.
I can’t drink enough of the tangerine spritzer I’ve just bought —

again and again I bring the cold can to my mouth and suck the stuff from
the hole the flip top made.

What are you doing tomorrow? Michael says.
But what I think he’s saying is “You are too strict. You are
a nun.”

Then I think, Do I love Michael enough to allow him to think these things
of me even if he’s not thinking them?

Above Manhattan, the moon wanes, and the sky turns clearer and colder.
Although the days, after the solstice, have started to lengthen,

we both know the winter has only begun.

From The Kingdom of Ordinary Time by Marie Howe. Copyright 2008 by Marie Howe. Excerpted by permission of the publisher, W. W. Norton & Co. Inc.